Shedding of the transient

I have been informed by many of my friends that love has no meaning, it can only be felt, felt in most impossible ways.
I ask you all one question, if a subject dosent have a concrete explanation for it the, then how it is even existing? To which if you enunciate that we all our Pearls tied along the thread of humanity, then potentially this concept seems to be awry as there is lot of hatred, antagonism, jealousy all around, not just they are existing but they are constantly in motion to its utmost possibility. It’s true that two different forces produced motion, likewise two different emotions espouse a idea but what if that emotion starts pervading with its invincible force around the globe, its then when humanity is upended to most tragic story and that’s when it becomes our duty to explain love.
Love is the most beautiful emotion that one can experience.
Love, essentially means when we grow physically, emotionally and chemically either with the propelling given by another human or it could be us.
To majority of us who have been the part of dysfunctional family, have understood antagonism as love.
In most of the families we have been told, people who love you will rebuke you, will beat you, will reprimand you.
This idea of being a bellicose is not love, As a child when we intimate with this sort of vague notion of love, we somehow for years latch on to the chimera and our body starts acting like our mind and our thought takes the form of our personality and further our unconscious mind over next 50 years, conjecture violence as love when love is simply the existence of a being, beyond its physical form. I ask you now, Do you have the audacity to fall in love with somebody’s mere existence or create phantasm of love? Think?
Stop, Observe, Burnish( S.O.B)
leave your comments – YASHI SINGH

Loving inequality today!

We are are often categorically inclined to talk about equality considering series of subjects like Equality of religion, Equality of gender, Equality before law and so on and so forth. But I say equality as a concept to maintain in its crude shape is nothing but a figmentation.
Do you think we are all alike in all the situations we are put in? Do we have equal brain? Equal strength? No, we dont and we are blessed that we aren’t equal. Imagine the world where everyone is behaving like you, where there will be no emotions, no persuasions, no judgments, no convictions, no arguments,We will well-nigh reach an impasse, to the extent that the earth will perish itself without any activity. The theory of Darwin will itself get exhaust. We will not even be existential, atleast in this dimension.
We need to understand that equality is a disguise in inequality. We cannot be equals, till we are not revering towards inequality. B.R. Ambedkar, being from the constitution pantheon derived this rule which subsequently says under Art 14 of Indian Constitution that UNLIKE SHOULD BE TREATED ALIKE.
However, being a witness to today’s testimony where Covid-19, not driven by inequality is invading human cells like never before. The virus is encroaching every body whether dark, white, healthy,unhealthy, depressed,not depressed which has further forced me to mull the transition in terms of human consciousness- YASHI SINGH

Back to 2019, when for once the writing became so difficult for me.

Hey babe,

Thanks for gifting me our very own blog at this juncture of my life when I needed this the most. Honestly, it took me 7 hours to grasp how exactly it takes to put my thoughts in writing. I think its somehow tedious for me to write after a year. A year can do a lot to people. 2019, was just a year to horde of people but to me it was whole spectrum of emotions. I think universe is guiding my energies in a way where my life is taking a different stride altogether. I have almost crashed into life and can hear the bang sound, everytime plunging into it. Home is not a feeling anymore, instead I don’t know how home looks like. I am incessantly finding solace in others, mostly humans. A month before, I was convinced thinking that depression is not a part anymore but something with which I must live every day. I didn’t know if things which I am mulling to resolve needs to be sorted or not or if they were always meant to be that way. I was tired of wanting love for 23 years now. It was weird to feel pain for the surreal concept of black hole, I mean you get into it and you know you are not coming out for eternity. I was somehow able to relate it with my depression. I know my depression has always been in physical form as well, where I always had out of body experience. Though earlier I was medicated for it and now I started feeling comfortable being here.

The most awful feeling I felt until 2 days before was not able to acquire validations from people around me. It was like I was happy if someone tells me that you are a good human and I will be sad if the same person acknowledges me the other day that I am bad. It was making a huge difference to my mental well-being every day knowing that getting validations from people is detrimental to my mental status.

But the best part is I am someone who will never lose hope. I acknowledged myself the way I feel which was bad most of the times but at the end of the hour I have learned that even if we smile once in a day whilst our depression, we need to know that we are in the midst of healing process. I have been the great protagonist of energies guiding me. Weird, but I can almost feel energy passing through my veins sometimes and the fact that I know there is a bigger function happening around us makes me not to lose hope. I have also learned that it is important to blame people who are responsible for hurting our mental well-being for the fact I cannot wait for KALKI MAA to come after 5000 years and brings the ‘satyug’ into existence. I learned the idiosyncrasy that you are kicked the most when you are already fallen which I think is the way we are brought up and told time and again by the actions of others in society, We are cultured to dominate over someone who is weak from us at any given point. We need to comprehend that humans are meant to be dependent on each other in many ways if we don’t then we all will be alone in our own ways which has already happened to which humans have fabricated a comfortable answer to it saying- We come alone and die alone.

I have lately apprehended more that what happened to me all through my 22 years of life, it is toxicity of people around me which made me a deadpan from quite a few months and they need to get acquainted with it, not by hurting them back but uttering them my true feelings of how they have treated me when I was at my worst. Also forgiving them to cut the energy cord between us so that I am no longer connected to them in any possible way and it is mainstay to understand that some people are not meant to change but forgive.

Out of all the teared pieces in my life I met Rex. He is 7.5 months old and I have adopted him for 2 months from this page called golden retrievers in Facebook.

You know babe? What’s the difference between humans and dogs; they will love you even if they are kicked around. They are best at forgiving people around them.

So now there is a common thing between Rex and me which is we both are finding home. Some call it a place and others say it’s a feeling. For him he has been shifted to different places everytime because her owner has a job for which she has to hit the road to different places which makes difficult for her to manage him. I know how it feels to be left by your loved ones. Its harsh, inhuman and the most degraded feeling ever. Rex is not just a breed but a child to me. He made me realized how much my mother put in efforts to raise me every day, every minute, but the fact he will again have to leave me after a month is traumatizing me and at the same point of my life, I will be leaving my flat exactly after a month. We both will be finding a home for us, for us home is not a place but people who makes home a beautiful feeling but one day we will be able to understand that sometimes loneliness is our solitude and the only home we are looking for is inside us. I wish there could be more humanity than humans but as I said that I will never lose hope. Never for the people like you, my mom, and many others who were though not around but were there to protect me with all their positive hunches.

Sending all the positive energies to you, my gypsy sister. (Vishruti Singh)

Cannot forget to mention some names who made me reminded of my value when I devalued myself- Aparna di,Ayushi Chopra, Yash Singh, Sakshi Singh, Dakshit Jain, Vibhav Chaturvedy, Aditya Singh, Astha Singh, Shubham Chaturvedi, Kshitij Agrawal and my Soka family.

Special thanks to Rex, Mom, Aparna di and my gypsy sister.

Yours Gypsy,



The draconian of Covid -19 has created the state of ebullition in the world. The virus has lately, not just invaded the human cells but also all the commercial activities around the globe, being event industry strained immensely, to the extent that the event banks have machinated to postpone the events to the last three months of the year 2020, Now the question which is seeping into one’s mind is “What intricacies will event planners confront aftermath of coronavirus? “
Here are some considerable insights of the postponement scheme.

Plethora of events will be postponed to the last trimester of the year 2020 which in consequence, will make the events congested that in turn could prove to be beleaguered for the event planners to operate horde of people keeping in mind the safety, risk assessment and communication channels.

Intense competition could be anticipated between small scale events and the well-established one, thereby having strong possibilities to endure loss by small scale or average event planners. The potential solution the hit the snag is to navigate towards online platform and create the space for virtual webinars which will mitigate the risk of experiencing loss.

Many of the attendees will not be able to purchase the tickets because of the economic fallout we are caught in, due to vortex of Covid-19. It is likely to perceive that most of the people will lose their respective jobs by the time, the virus gets contained, there will be many who won’t get the severance pay which increases the odds of slipping into recession. Surprisingly, the above information has already hit the headlines.

I have also tried to bring in the positive aspects of the postponement of the events, one of them being that many of the event métiers have a fair crack of whip to invest their time by deftly working on the loopholes considering their events and make it sustainable with suitable strategies like giving offers to both new and old attendees, arrangement of efficient resources that could be procured from different event startup which could further minimize the risk of loss, making the event a tenable one.


If Scotland should get independence?

Scotland is a country having it’s own compulsive history about its ongoing struggle to get independence. According to Scots,they have decreed that Scotland had been founded earlier by a Greek prince Goidel Glas and his wife Scota,daughter of Pharaoh.The climacteric of the Scotland took place when Edward of England claimed the right of succession to the Scottish throne.
United kingdom at that juncture was vigorously involved in the process of colonisation which in turn made France and Scotland to get along famously,subsequently giving rise to the formation of Auld Alliance which soon got end under the regime of Robert the Bruce.
In 1690,due to the inefficacious scheme of Scottish nobles called Darien Scheme,worked as a dice loaded against them and led to the formal union of Scotland and England.
Eventually the prominent people in Scotland fathomed out the need of Home rule movement to have control of their internal matters.
The leader of Liberal government, H.H Asquith vocalized that federalism is the true basis of union and that centralising power in Westminister was the worst of all political blunders. The idea of Scottish Home rule Movement was brushed off due to emergency that was then created due to First World war,
Later in 1979, the second referendum took place due to the illegitimacy claimed for the first referendum.
The Labour party won the 1979 general election and Donald Dewar as Secretary of State of Scotland conceded to the proposals for a Scottish parliament. A referendum was held in September and 74.3% of those who voted approved the devolution.
SNP were not feeling glow of happiness and they further demanded for the referendum for independence in 2014. After negotiations being elongated for a long time on the table,the final result of the referendum came and 55% of vote received No votes and 45% of votes got Yes votes . SNP lost the grip on the referendum keeping the union to be coherent.

Thereafter,there was a conspicuous end of colonization by British and was sidelined in the international forum for its brutal actions in Africa and India which paved the way for Scotland to hold its first devolution referendum in 1979.
Scottish National Party was the major league which underpinned for the independence of Scotland.The result of the referendum in Scotland was not in the favour of devolution, wither only 32.9% of the electorate voted for Yes.
The constraint of the referendum by Westminister was that 40% of the told electorate should vote in favour to make it valid. Later protesters debunked the idea of 40%rule calling it undemocratic. They argued that they should have been premonished about the fact that populace who are not voting in the referendum will be regarded as good as No.
As the Brexit came in upfront, unleashing the lot of decisions to bring into existence. What could be more horrifying for Britain if after Brexit there comes a Scexit?
Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland is adamant on holding the elections for independence in 202q before the Holyrood elections. She reiterated that UK was blithely ignorant about Scotland before making any claim on leaving Europe.Denizens of Scotland have come in unison to back SNP for the referendum if the case is to leave the Europe which is the opportunity for Scotland to be an independent nation in Europe but they are many aspects affiliate to it,one of them being is to gain the membership of European Union without the gainsay of all the 27 member in the EU.

My standpoint towards the crisis is that Scotland should get independence as the credibility of people’s verdict has always taken the precedence in a democratic government but there are dimensions related to the independence of Scotland.First being that how Scotland would be treated by the European Union and if they will get the membership of EU?
Also if Scotland secede oneself from UK, then the level of public spending will be difficult to sustain without raising tax. Henceforth it is crucial to anatomize every aspect of the independence without taking any decision which is a wild-cat and proves to be a diktat for Scotland and it’s people.

Yashi Singh

Depression not a trend but to be mend.

Before delving deep into the topic, let us understand the ingrained nature of depression. Etymologically depression means “pressing something down “. This could be well affiliated with the fact that in the process, the individual break loose from it’s own dominant psyche which in turn suppress one’s ability to be affirmative about our own body control.

I haven been dealing with both the mental and physical symptoms of depression for more than a year now and what I have imbibed is that to make headway towards the solution of any problem is to take cognizance of it, which to be legit is not facile.

It took me 7 months to get onto a soapbox and enunciate that depression could be giant as its physical symptoms were not letting me to change my credence towards it. I almost thought that I am on the verge of loosing my limbs after visiting 12 doctors,who subsequently diagnosed me from my brain to toes and concluded that the rack is created due to my clinical depression.

Also we need to apprehend that the managment of our depression is heterogeneous being a linchpin attached to it is to get oneself fix to the particular way of management opted for oneself

There will be days when waking up will also be an effort. But all we need to know is that there is no harm in encountering a bad day until we know that every day is a new day and there is always a scope for grappling our depression.

Now let us grasp that why are body falls into the abyss of depression?

It could be bit complex but it is crucial to know to get hold off our body. Our body retaliates completely different when a person is fighting with depression. There is certain level of chemical imbalance in our body which upswells the physical symptoms of depression converting our stress into a physical one.

The imbalance takes it seat when the serotonin level in our body (which is highly responsible for our happiness and energy)becomes dysfunctional and instead your brain gets elevated with cortisol.

Cortisol is produced by adrenal glands which is on the top of our kidneys. In people who are not depressed, the level of cortisol in the bloodstream peaks in the morning and then decreases as the day advances, in contrast, in people who have incessant stress,the level of cortisol get to its apogee in morning but does not level itself , remaining the same throughout the day.

Adrenaline is a hormone which seems too harsh for me to handle .Fundamentally adrenaline is produced when a person gets excited which literally means the state of arousal. Now our brain creates a thought and we convert it into a emotion and imagine it to be a nasty one, now as soon as we give ignition to our emotion, our body gets aroused. In this way adrenaline is secreted by anything which excites our brain,even depression.As soon as our brain gets addicted to high level of adrenaline, it always except to recieve in whatever way it could be. Our brain identifies the chemical structure of our body during depression and in this way we attract depression repeatedly

Honestly, procuring this information has no where helped me to debilitate my depression but it has made me feel secured about my body at the juncture when my physical symptoms were at peak.

My depression snowballed to the extent where I became a dipsomaniac and a drug addict.I also use to beat myself but what I have appraised is not to be hard on oneself . Self condemnation is not the permanent solution but what I have realized was the need to go through the process,whether negative or positive which made me to cottoned on to the fact that loving oneself is the concrete solution to my problem.

Yashi Singh

IT’s 2017 and selfishness is not unethical.

I was always one of them,will always be. No matter what, how sumptuously,I put my words for humanity,I shall not forget that humanity derives itself from human,and human is selfish so do I.

Everyone and everything is a need here,even the LOVE. All we human knows how to do love,not, how to sustain it with the same intensity. It becomes shallow as the time passes by and when the love is shallow,then it can’t be a love . Its our selfishness to hold it.

All we need is someone to carry our life forward . However to me its not wrong as I am not deluded by the fact that love is just sacrifice ,it comes with selfishness and we do tend to sacrifice things because we are selfish,yet vulnerable. We somehow know it’s difficult to live alone .Well,there is no denying in the fact, that love is beautiful. I feel you should never miss a chance to love someone .

Both Romeo and juliet die thinking that,the other was dead. Is it not self-involvment?They could have serve their lives for others and What about their families who got aware about the death of their offsprings?Were they were not having the right over them?According to me indulging oneself to suicide is an egocentric behaviour.

What they thought of themselves was not to live alone!Had they have been alive ,then today the story of majority of them would be different !